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Other Women's Self-defense Links

compiled by Women Educating in Self-defense Training (W.E.S.T.)

* These links are ones that we have found for other groups of women teaching or involved in self-defense. We encourage you to check out any group thoroughly before becoming involved in any type of training. Word of mouth endorsement from involved women seems to be one of the best recommendations. The women of W.E.S.T. believe that there are many ways that we can defend ourselves, not just one way. We encourage each person to find the way that right for her. *

Wen-Do, Women's Self-defense (Toronto, Canada)


Battered Women's Support Services: Youth Safety Plan 


ACTION, self-defense for women and girl's and a part of the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre


American Women's Self-Defense Association (New York, USA)


More Links from the group Safety for Women (USA)


Article on Self-defense by Laura Ann Kamienski


Articles on self-defense by Dr. Ruthless



Other links for women that we use:

Vancouver Rape Relief and Shelter (Vancouver, BC, Canada)


Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre (Ottawa, Canada)


FMF - News and Events For Women


Gender, Diversities, and Technology Institute


 West Coast Legal Action Fund (LEAF)



You are fully supported by Canadian law and have every right to defend yourself.  No one has the legal or moral right to attack you.

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